Wednesday, June 14, 2006

August 22, 1954

Dear Folks—

Currently I am being featured in Technicolor—glorious red. Went swimming in the Gulf yesterday & today—it’s like swimming in one huge gargle glass—that’s exactly what it tastes like. It is nice & warm, though. When I got out of the water the first day & came back to the room, I bent down to put on my pants & about three gallons of water ran out of my nose! The beaches are all white sand; the one we go to is about ¾ mile away—they have an "officers’" & "enlisted men’s" beaches, which are only separated by a rope on the sand & in the water (on the bottom). The sand is white & turns red further inland. I like to just lie in the water & float with the waves. As I neglected to bring a suit, I use my P(hysical) T(raining) shorts.

The Officer’s Club is located just a little back from the beach—it makes any country club I’ve ever seen look sick. It looks like something from "Gone With the Wind".
Today is Sunday & the only meal I’ve had all day is breakfast—they don’t serve dinner till 4:00, & no supper. Went to the show this afternoon & saw Marlon Brando in "On the
Waterfront" which started at 3:00. So….

Next week is going to be very rough; probably won’t even have time to breathe. Took some tests yesterday—one they put us in a room (sound-proof) & had us sit at desks with regulation airplane earphones. Then they turned on the four huge amplifiers & sixteen smaller ones at the front of the room to simulate an AT6 flying at 18,000 ft. with the cockpit open. Then someone spoke over the earphones & we had to mark down what we heard.

I sure will be glad when next week is over—then we move to our new barracks, which is about six blocks from everywhere. Start saving your money & talk to your bosses about taking a week off—if I ever graduate (in about 18 months)—& come down to Florida.

Well, I’d better cut if off now & write more later when I get a chance.

Did I tell you I get a 72 hour pass over Labor Day Weekend, I hope—I’m going to New Orleans, I think. ( I am not going to sit around here, that’s for sure!)

So long for now. Write soon.

See you soon (Xmas)


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