Thursday, October 05, 2006

21 December 1955

Dear Folks

Just got your letter of the 15th & the package with the books of droodles & photos—loved every one of them. Went into hysterics over the "Sleeping Under Blankets."

Glad to hear you finally got Ching-Chong, & that you like him. I’d almost given up hope of ever hearing of him. Next time back in Gibraltar I’ll try to pick up one of his other positions.

Nothing much new on this end—I’ll send along some more of my journal tomorrow, just to keep you posted on my daily routine—I’m getting brave. You still didn’t get my other ones, did you? You should have one for every day from Nov. 16 to the 22nd, & from the 28th or so on up. Do you? Also one a day from 4 Nov. to 14 Nov. Let me know how many you did get.

Tomorrow I go to Pompeii, & will write much on my adventures. Right now it’s near taps, & I’ve got to take a shower!

Until later, I am, as always your

Devoted Offspring,



Dave said...

Sure am enjoying re-living this cruise. This is when I was supposed to be in Hamburg for Xmas with friends. Because of the border thing, I ended up in Rome for six days.

Dorien/Roger said...

Sorry you missed seeing your friends, Dave, but there are worse things than spending six days in Rome!