Tuesday, January 09, 2007

2 - 3 June 1956

Dear Folks

This evening’s movie was the 1938 Bette Davis-Henry Fonda release "Jezebel"—the story of a sort of pre-Civil War Scarlett O’Hara. I enjoyed it.

Tomorrow I’d rather like to go over just to spend the afternoon in the Grand Bazaar, but I doubt if I will. Save my money for Venice, which may well be my last European fling.
I plan to start packaging everything either tomorrow or Sunday; that way, if I do get shipped back, I can mail it—but if not, I can just bring it with me.

No mail call tonite, but probably one tomorrow—at least we hope so.

Got reminded of the NavCads this evening, while waiting for the movies; some guys were playing basketball & one had on the yellow & blue sweatshirt & brown khaki shorts we wore. Sure enough, he was an officer & an ex N/C. Oh, well—I am consoled by the idea that I only have 72 days to go, instead of two years & 72 days!

Wandered up to the library just now & caught a glimpse of my boy Boswell’s London Journal.. Personally, I don’t think he ever did anything—he just sat & wrote twenty three hours a day. Of course, I’ve only been over here six & a half months, but already I almost outdo old Bos in volume if not in quality. I suppose if you took out all my "Nothing much doing tonite"’s & "only (blank) days to go" you wouldn’t have much of anything left.

Recently I have been worming my way out of Coutre’s confidence—today he yelled "Are you trying to make a fool out of me?" and I replied "Coutre, you’re a self-made man." He went on the beach tonite, & will come in tomorrow afternoon, if at all, looking as though he’d just fought his weight in hippopotami (& that’s a lot of hippopotami). His eyes will be a cross between a detailed road map & a wounded hound dog.

Oh, I forgot to mention the book I picked up this time at the library—it’s called "Studies in Murder." I get around. Had to check it out this time, since the librarian had his eye on me while I sneaked to the door.

And another day, like the Indians in a cheap Western, bites the dust. This one brought the dubiously good news that almost without a doubt I will be leaving the ship in Genoa. Of course they had to water my enthusiasm with the rumor that the ship is going to Cannes, France, for 15 days, from where there will be "beaucoups" ("Boo-koo") tours to Paris. Well, I’d only spend all my money anyway.

Spent the afternoon packing all my excess junk—a total of six boxes. If I get off, I’ll send them home—if not, they’ll be all together anyway. Dad’s binoculars are all set to go Monday.

Possibility of a mail call tonight—at least they have it on board. Best get off for tonite.



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