Wednesday, September 13, 2006

28 November 1955

Ah, I fear this "journal" is falling apart at the seams—I have less & less time & more & more things to write about. Two more days in Cannes & then we’re off for Genoa (arrive 6 December, leave 12 December).

Just spent three & a half hours arguing various things, beginning with the difference between imagination & faith. I was holding down the corner with the opinion that they are, if not the same thing, at least interrelated, & that one could not have faith without imagination. As usual, I was in the distinct minority, with Nick, Coutre, & Chief Sewell against me.

As is inevitable in any argument dealing with intangibles, religion was soon dragged into the picture, & I played the role of Martin Luther to their Inquisition. The chief soon gave up in disgust, Coutre refused to enter the debate on the grounds of the fifth amendment, & Nick & I were left alone on the field.

"In other words, you don’t believe in God." This statement is also inevitable.

"Of course I do. But I can not and I will not accept such a petty and restricted God. My God does not have five fingers on each hand, & does not give a tinkers dam whether we go out & steal an apple or not."

"Oh, he’s one of those green things from Mars with tentacles & everything."

"No, I never said that. He has no shape or form. He does not sit Somewhere & watch us with eyes & judge our little quarrels."

Things along in here usually go from bad to worse, & I roll out my heavy artillery—almost a speech by this time. It is the one dealing with our worshipping of carven images & Thomas Edison’s invention of the light bulb.

Haven’t had a chance to write about Paris yet—haven’t even finished the one on Gibraltar, as far as that goes. I just don’t have enough time.

Mailed a batch of postcards today, from both Paris & Gibraltar. Think I’ll mail what I have of the Gibraltar story written sent home. Hope you open these letters in sequence—did you note the numbers? Been getting occasional letters (in batches of three or four), which are very welcome. Write soon & often!!!

Dad, I was looking at some 8x56 binoculars; they had some 10x50 but the guy said they were so powerful you have to have a tripod to set them on, or they’ll shake all over. Answer right away if this is what you’d like.

Got Aunt Thyra’s cookies on the night I got back from Paris & they were gone the next day. Tell her thanks for me, as I already did on the card.

Damn, there it is taps again. See what I mean; you just can’t win in this racket.

Glad you liked the dress, mom. I was wondering if you would. I know I liked it.

For some reason I’m very tired tonight. I guess arguing takes a lot out of you. Don’t mind my occasional rampages in the journal. Write soon & often. Till then, I’ll be sending

Much Love

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