Sunday, September 17, 2006

3 December 1955

Nine o’clock—I’m beginning to think of it as my witching hour (occasionally a different spelling).
A beautiful day for a change, though the atmosphere below decks couldn’t prove it. Nick is busy playing Joan of Arc. Poor kid—he never gets any mail from home; I’d go nuts if it weren’t for mom writing every day.

Come to the conclusion that it is impossible to try to write & listen to the surrounding conversation at the same time. It was quiet until a couple MAA’s came in. Oh, well.
Tonite I feel like a real writer—been working on my Paris tour, & now this.

Anchored today off Sardinia again—a different part this time—very pretty; cloud-topped mountains, a small town clustered on the edge of the water, & half of the United States 6th Fleet anchored off shore. The Lake Champlain is back with us; on the other side is a battleship (the New Jersey). Sprinkled liberally around are five or six destroyers, ten oilers, cargo ships & various other ships—oh, yes, & one black submarine, close in to shore.

Pay day today—Xmas presents tomorrow. It seems so nice to have money again, though I know I won’t have it long. I was honestly broke for the first time in my life—well, maybe the second.
I’m afraid I’ll have to make this awfully short—got to drop a line (short) to Sandy—she was nice enough to write me.

Still 3 December 1955

Dear Folks

Yes, it’s me again. I don’t know why I even bother to write these little preambles—just to let you in on a few details I forgot in the Daily Journal.

First,--mother, I want a picture of you—a good picture, one taken at a studio. That & the Confederacy are all I want for Xmas.

As for your Xmas presents—you will be getting them all year, I’m afraid. But, better late than never.

Dad—did you tell me about those binoculars? Let me know immediately if not sooner.

As for calling home Xmas—there are about 10,000 American soldiers, sailors, & marines .in Europe who will be wanting to call home. Initial time difference is six to eight hours--& it takes three hours to connect calls—that is if I can get a line right away. Cost from Gibraltar was $18.00 for 3 min. What think ye? Shall we set a date sometime after Xmas or before, or shall we drop it?

Well, taps again. Don’t forget that picture—a good one of either you or you & dad; not a snapshot. And make it as soon as possible: this Saturday if you can. I have my reasons….

Till I hear from you, I am
As Usual & Always

P.S. Don’t forget that picture—a big one.


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