Monday, July 17, 2006

21 March 1955

Dear Folks—

I was planning on waiting till I soloed to write you. Well, at that rate, you’d never hear from me. Since I’ve been here, I’ve averaged one hop a week. I’ll still be here next Xmas.

Absolutely nothing has happened of importance—except that I’ve just been skipping from one frustration to another. Believe me, which I get out of this Navy, I am going to be one of the most bitter & pessimistic people you can ever imagine. And no condolences, please—I’m not mad or disheartened or anything—just so bitter at life in general that I can’t see straight. Of course, I’m making it sound much worse than it really is, but if you knew how it is to run madly down to the hanger every morning & have to sit around all day wondering if today might be the day. And it’s triply maddening for me, since I can’t stand to wait for anything. With all my heart & soul, I hate the Navy!!!! That, incidently, is not an emotional outburst—merely a calm statement of fact.
Well, onward--….

Friday we’re going to Miami again. Hope we’ll have all day Saturday liberty—maybe even Friday night. We’ll be coming back Sunday at 4:00. Of courseI can’t afford it, but last time I was there I only spent eight dollars, & this time I plan to break that record.

Found out anything about the Corvette, poppa? Listen, if that deal doesn’t go through, don’t try to get me a car up there—I’ve really got to have one as soon as possible. By the time I get to Saufley, everyone I know will be well on their way to Corpus Christi. So I will have no way to get out to Saufley. If you can’t get the Corvette, all I want is a ’46, ’47, or ’48 Ford or Mercury. And if I had to wait till you came down, I’d never get out there—besides, I hate to be stranded out there for weeks with no way of getting into town.

Weather down here is hot & lousy. Every morning the sun comes up in a beautifully clear sky—by the time we get to the hanger, there are a few wisps of cloud on the western sky. Fifteen minutes later & the clouds are everywhere.

Never rains here—well, almost never; when it does (at night) it is like someone had pulled a plug somewhere. Clouds, always clouds, but never rain. I miss it.

To keep from slowly going bats, I’ve been reading a little. Right now I’m on "A Short History of American Diplomacy," "Greek Made Easy," & "Windows for the Crown Prince," which was on the best seller list last year.

Well, I’d better close now—I have so much to do! Oh, yes, I’ve also been writing a little.

Till next time, I am
Your Disillusioned Son

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