Monday, July 31, 2006

8 June -12 June, 1955

Dear Folks

I am in no mood, either physically or mentally, to be writing letters, so this will no doubt be very short. However, as has become my custom, I figured I had best write on the passing of another small milestone (or should I say millstone) in my life—the Navy chapter, at any rate.

This morning I took a short but interesting journey in the cockpit of an SNJ, down two steel ramps and into twelve feet of water. As a direct or indirect result of my trip, I have tonite a beautiful sore throat, for which I think the best remedy would be going to bed immediately, which I shall do at once, & continue this tomorrow.

Well, it is now tomorrow, as so often happens, & I’ve just come back from down town. Also just read your duplex letter, which I enjoyed no end. I’m really sorry if I sound at times like a callous cad, but nothing I said I hadn’t said before, & none of it in my estimation was too far from the truth.

I can see this is turning into another chain letter. I started it Wed. & here it is Sunday already. The time is 0630, & I am up, if not wide awake. I have the dubious honor of being COOD (Cadet Officer of the Day)—another long watch

Yesterday I went to Mainside to watch an air show put on by the Blue Angels, the Navy’s jet acrobatic team. They were terrific. Almost everyone was watching from the flight deck of the carrier Saipan, & the jets would come roaring overhead, & sometimes so low that they were between the flight deck & the water. There are six of these Blue Angels, & some of the things they do are stupendous—they fly sometimes only three feet from one another. Their prettiest maneuver was four of them flying in a diamond shape. Just as they got above the carrier they broke off in all directions, with blue & red smoke trailing from their wing tanks. It looked like a 4th of July fireworks.

Speaking of the 4th—it still isn’t certain about Boston, though very probable—also the Choir is going to New York that weekend to be on Ed Sullivan’s show. They’ll be there for four days!

Finally got the title straightened out—I’m having it registered in Illinois for several reasons, one of them being that Florida registration & plates would cost $21, whereas Ill. Registration only costs 50 cents.

Well, enough for now. Hope to see you soon.



Eric said...

The most incredible view of the Blue Angels that I observed was once on an early Sunday morning, I was walking across the Brooklyn Birde with a friend, when a squadron of Blue Angels came down the East River and flew between the two spires of the bridge and out into NY harbor. There wasn't another sole on the bridge, relatively little traffic, it was like a private show!

Dorien/Roger said...

The Blue Angels were and are a phenomenal group. You were indeed lucky to see them "up close and personal," as it were!