Monday, July 24, 2006

26 April 1955

Dear Folks

Two letters in two days! Will wonders never cease? Just got back from a short bout with the swimming pool & thought I’d drop a line. It will, of necessity, be short, as I told you yesterday, nothing much is new.

I don’t know what it is—must be spring in the air; but guys are dropping out like flies—three more DOR’ed this morning. Tomorrow or Thursday will tell the story for me—I didn’t have to go before a Speedy board; I was given two more extra times & another recheck. Also, they changed instructors on me—gave me one of the instructors who gave me a down. They aren’t supposed to do that, but I’d just as soon have him as anyone.

This morning after our hop he said "I want to have a serious talk up with you." He then said everything but "bon voyage"—all of it very true, & none of it that I hadn’t already discovered or realized myself.

As I said yesterday, I’ve given up worrying about it. If I do drop out, it will be because they wanted me out, not that I couldn’t take it.

Just realized also that if I do get dropped, I’ll only have 18 months to serve!! The way it is I have 40! Now, if I had, as I said, planned on making the Navy a career, or were really wild about flying, it would be different. From the outside, all appears to be glamour—from the inside it looks different. As the old saying goes, the grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence—until you get there.

Of course, I will admit I do like the NavCad uniform (it’s a lot sharper than regular navy blue). Oh, well, we shall see what we shall see. I’m not out yet.

Both the band & the choir are going to Shreveport this weekend. It will take about four planes to get us all down there.

I’ve been offered a commission as rear admiral in the new Confederate Navy. I’m considering it. One thing you’ve got to admit, these Southerners never give up.

Till later, then, I am
Your obedient (bell-bottomed) Son

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