Tuesday, November 07, 2006

11 Feb. 1956

(Dear Folks)

Despite seas that threw the ships so high out of the water that their screws whipped the air, we held replenishment at sea today. It took twelve hours for three ships to come alongside & unload. The rough seas were coupled at times with snow so thick the alongside ship could hardly be seen, & always it was bitter cold.

In order to buy my ticket to Rome, I’ve got to borrow $1.25—the first time that’s happened since I joined.

Coutre & John Lanasa are bound & determined to go down in my journal as combination Simon Legree & Nero—for the past week they’ve stayed up nights thinking of sarcastic comments to make. Nick, relieved that the pressure is off him for awhile, joins in with an occasional kick in the face. I don’t mind it, really, because it is I who am getting their goat by not becoming angry.

Actually, John can be forgiven, since he is in a state of semi-delirium caused by an approaching discharge. Only---no, I won’t mention how many days I’ve got left—you should know it by heart by this time. Just look ahead a few pages, & I’ll be out, since my past & future are all your present.

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