Thursday, November 02, 2006

30 January 1956 (Double Letter)

Two days without writing—I plan to cast myself over the side first thing tomorrow morning. The Ticonderoga Marching & Chowder Society is currently holding a meeting. Nick & North are giving a demonstration on the two methods of boot polishing (North advocates the "Two-finger-light-polish" school, while Nick favors the "Index-finger-&-gobs-of-polish method). Andy & Cou are just sitting around, feet on desks. We’ve just finished the evening’s refreshments—hot fudge sundaes & shoestring potato chips ("Oooog", as they say in Pogo). North seems to be winning—Nick is only a little behind. Nick was generous enough to volunteer his new boots for the contest.

Payday today & I passed it up—it hurt, but it’s the only way I’ll ever save it.

Lots to do & nothing to say—I suppose that with much effort, I could no doubt think of something, but this lethargy helps pass the days. Only

1 February 1956

As you may have gathered, I did not "cast myself over the side" as promised, but there is a good reason for my negligence—it is colder than a polar bear’s bottom! Riviera—HAH!

I am, to put it very mildly, beat. Up until 1:30 this morning talking with Nick. It was very enjoyable, & we reached one conclusion—I am playing the role of teacher, & Nick is my pupil, if grudgingly. He said:

"First impressions mean a lot."

"Yes, I suppose so—what was your first impression of me? I came in, we shook hands, I said ‘Hello, Nick,’ & you grumbled something & we hardly said another word all day. What could you gather from that?"

"Well, we thought you were very quiet, & studious. I knew you’d had two years of college & been in the NavCads & you were going to let us know it."

I couldn’t help laughing. "God, I never said a word about it—how’d you know I was a NavCad?"

"Oh, I forget—somebody told me. I got the idea that you were trying to show us that you’re better than we were—you still do."

My ego was much inflated by our little discussion. Nick, also, has an inferiority complex—he thinks I’m more intelligent than he is. "You’ve got an odd way of rubbing it in."

I told him that he shouldn’t envy me for my college—rather than I should envy him for having two years to look forward to. I think I treat him like a kid brother, trying to get him on the right paths. Oh, well, we shall see.

Mail call will be at 11:30 tonite, & I think I’ll stay up for it, even though I am dead tired….

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