Monday, November 20, 2006

161 Days
3 March 1956

Dear Folks

Excuse me for not writing yesterday but, with one thing & another, I just didn’t get time. Tonite being Saturday, I’ll no doubt stay up quite late.

We pulled into Rhodes, Greece, today—or rather, we came within a mile of it—that’s how far out we’re anchored. I’ll be able to tell you more about it tomorrow, when I run over to take a quick look. I won’t be able to do much, that’s for sure—I haven’t got a drachma to my name. They were changing money here on ship, but only in multiples of $10.00--& I most certainly can’t afford that. In fact, I have just ten dollars to last me through both Rhodes & Beirut.

Going on tour Monday, & hope to see the site of the Colossus, if there’s anything left to see. The island itself, from what I can see of it, looks like something out of mythology—low hills, looking higher because they rise above the sea, march back in rows of color—becoming more & more purple & misty as they go. Pretty.

The Ti is supporting a USO here in Rhodes—supporting: that means we’re furnishing cooks, mess cooks, & food for as many ships as may come into the harbor. Food is free—now I know I’m going over tomorrow! Ah, don’t I sound cheap?

Second movie just let out (I went to the first one), so this place will probably be crawling in a few minutes—here they come—Cou & John Lanasa—in & out again in search of coffee.

All of which reminds me; I’m hungry.

You know, I keep telling myself I’m going to be a great writer, but I just can’t get started.
Coupled with that is the fact that I don’t care much for my way of writing—it seems too stilted, choppy. Oh, well—I’ll try anyway—I’ll force myself. Starting now.

With your kind permission, I’ll close with



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