Saturday, November 18, 2006

28 February 1956

Dear Folks

This one will probably be mailed before the one I started yesterday, because it has the second day in Rome—I’ve got three pages & we haven’t even seen the Pope yet. Do you mind my writing in such detail? I figure that that way, you know everything that went on & it’s sort of like being there yourselves.

Got a very cold, impersonal letter from Northwestern today—not even a letter, just some pamphlets. Tuition, it seems, is $765 a year, & room (you must live on campus) runs from $600 to $900 a year. So I wrote a letter to Northern—I think I’ll go back there. Ask Lief if he’d care to join me?

About the razing I’ve been getting—it isn’t any particular reason, just that this is the Navy & I take it better than most guys. It definitely isn’t because of the Valentine, mother—they got it & appreciated it very much, & as I’ve said before, every letter I get from home they ask you have to say about them. Still no sign of the brownies—the food boxes lasted two nights. Speaking of food…..

Mailing a box of stuff home tonite—I only hope it has enough postage to go air mail. Fortunately, they can’t weigh every package. As for the movies being sent home—yes, I guess I’d better—but I’ll have to write detailed descriptions of everything so you won’t miss out. I’ll send them two at a time so they don’t all get lost together. Store them in a cool, dry place.

Come to think of it, I’ll save myself six cents & mail this along with the rest. Did you ever get those other pictures of the Ti? If not, let me know. The one with the C on it was taken of Augusta bay. Also included is a bunch of stuff on the different ports we’ve hit, some postcards from the Cannes Tour & Sicily, some sugar from the San Remo, etc.

Oh, yes, the other picture was taken just as we left the dear old U.S. & A.

Well, enough for now.



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